V-Agua started from a love of simple things. Love of friends. Love of fun and simple pleasures. Love of outdoor adventure. And love of a simple, clean, refreshing adult beverage.

Like vodka distillers world-wide, those initial ideas were distilled to just three words. Fresh. Clean. Fun. The idea behind V-Agua was to produce a ready-mix cocktail that could be described in those three words. Thus was born V-Agua, a ready to drink, pre-mixed vodka-water cocktail. The formula behind our unique, refreshing taste is a secret, but our formula for fun is simple. It combines one part great outdoors with one part good friends and a splash of a simple, refreshing, great tasting beverage.

We now offer two great tasting flavors. V-Agua Orange and V-Agua Lemon-Lime. Other great mixes will be coming shortly, using the essence of other exciting, exotic fruits to thrill the taste buds. When you enjoy a glass of V-Agua, you know with every mouthful you delight in a refreshing, great-tasting, low-calorie cocktail.

Let us take the work out of your excursion. V-Agua provides a simple, easy way for you to have a cocktail with your friends while enjoying the great outdoors. It’s time to get up, go outside and enjoy life. Take V-Agua on your next picnic, boating day or other fun exciting escapade. Be sure to take along a generous serving of friends. Enjoy.

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